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Where to Buy Leather for Upholstery - Semi-Aniline & Pigmented

Where to Buy Leather for Upholstery – Semi-Aniline & Pigmented

Upholstery leather hides are tanned in massive drums with chromium salts. Chrome tanning is better than vegetable tanning as the leather stays supple and receptive to shade. Upholstery hides are then completed using an assortment of techniques given below. Natural markings on leather, often called”nature’s signature” may be present on hides and will be the indication of fine leather. With appropriate leather care, upholstery leather will stay beautiful for many, many years and won’t need replacing like fabric and cloth.

Full Aniline Leather

Full aniline leather covers are colored with non-toxic aniline dyes but aren’t treated with a protective topcoat. Because of this, it is going to quickly absorb natural oils and develop a rich patina. Aniline dyes are transparent so natural markers in the cow conceal such as healed scars, completed scrapes, insect bites and brands will easily observable. Because of this, only the maximum quality full-grain leather hides with limited organic markings can be completed as full aniline. Full Aniline is also called”white leather.” Full aniline hides treated with just a light topcoat or wax are known as”protected aniline leather.”

Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-aniline leather hides are much like full aniline hides with the inclusion of a nice layer of pigment applied to even out the color. The hide is then coated with a clear protective coating or wax providing protection against wear and stains while retaining the natural appearance and feel of full aniline leather. While often subtle, natural markers such as healed scars and scrapes, insect bites, and brands can be found. Semi-aniline leathers are highly appreciated and much more costly than standard leathers.

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather has a coating of colorants sprayed on the hide giving it a rich and uniform color. After that, a protective topcoat is applied giving it high resistance to spills, stains, fading, and scrapes. A pigmented finish can be applied to both full-grain types of leather or corrected grain leather. Pigmented leather is by far the most frequent type of upholstery leather and if well made, has a gentle touch and an extremely durable finish. Pigmented leather can be used for automotive purposes. The Basics, Urban, Market Street & Dakota at Our Collection are examples of top pigmented leathers for home or automobile upholstery.

Pull-up Leather

Pull-Up is a form of semi-aniline leather with a slick wax topcoat added for protection. If this leather is stretched or pulled, the waxes cause the dyes to disperse giving the mask a two-tone or antiqued effect. Pull-up leather is usually known as distressed leather since the wax topcoat easily scratches through regular use. These scratches will frequently be absorbed back into the leather and soften over time. This appearance is considered highly desirable for antiques, rustic, and higher-end furniture. Pull-up leather is produced to the maximum quality of full-grain leather.

Hand Rubbed or Hand Antiqued Leather

Hand Rubbed leather is a sort of semi-aniline that’s completed by rubbing layers of aniline dyes onto full-grain leather until the desired color is reached. This process is achieved by skilled artisans who understand the interplay of colors where a patina of numerous rich tones is wanted. A protective topcoat is added to the dyes offering protection against wear and stains. Since the cowhide is full-grain, subtle natural markers such as healed scars finished scrapes, insect bites and brands can be found. Hand-rubbed leather is highly desirable for heirloom furniture, antiques, and higher-end leather furnishings. Watch Our Collection for hand-rubbed leathers.

Nubuck or Nubuk Leather

Nubuck is top-grain leather that has a small rest that looks and feels like suede but is much stronger. Nubuck leather is typically treated with a protective top coat to protect against fluids and stains but is more fragile than semi-aniline or pigmented leathers.

Embossed Leather

Embossing leather is merely a step in the finishing process where the cowhide is wrapped or stamped under great pressure to make a new grain onto the hidden surface. Pebble grain might be the most widely known example, but these also consist of faux animal prints and organic grains intended to mimic the original skin. Corrected grain leather is nearly always embossed but full-grain leather can be embossed too.

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