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7 Of The Most Special Zipper Sliders

7 Of The Most Special Zipper Sliders | Indian Leather Tannery

Zipper sliders can be further categorized into Non-Lock Sliders, Auto-Lock Sliders as well as Semi Auto Lock Sliders based on functioning. Type of Zipper Slider

  • pin lock slider
  • butterfly slider
  • non-lock slider with both sides noses
  • non-lock slider with one lock hole
  • non-lock slider with two lock holes
  • reversible auto-lock slider
  • reverse slider

Pin Lock Slider
Pin lock slider performs semi-auto lock function. The two pins that are connected with the zipper pull work and lock.

Butterfly Slider
As indicated by the name, the front end of this kind of slider looks like the wing of a butterfly.

Non Lock Slider With Both Sides Noses
There is one nose on the top and bottom sides of the slider respectively, though neither nose is connected to the latter and there are double zipper pulls correspondingly.

Non Lock Slider with One Lock Hole & Non Lock Slider with Two Lock Holes
The main difference between the two types of sliders lies in the number of the lock hole where the former has one lock hole while the latter has two lock holes.

Reversible Autolock Slider & Reverse Slider
Reversible auto-lock slider is different from reverse slider although the two terms look similar to each other. They are intended for reversible zipper and reverse coil zipper respectively.

Reversible autolock slider refers to the slider whose zipper pull can flip to the opposite side along the rotating track. There is only one pull in this case.

Reverse slider mainly refers to nylon zipper slider, whose top and bottom sides are asymmetrical, different from plastic zipper slider and metal zipper slider. Unlike a regular slider, a reverse slider demonstrates a higher bottom side and lower top side and the zipper teeth are invisible while the stitching is visible on the front side.

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