Indian Leather Tannery

The Quality of Raw Hides and Skins

The Quality of Raw Hides and Skins

Factors Affecting the Standard of Raw Hides and Skins

Leather is a material that’s adored by humanity as ages. It’s flexible and durable enough. It’s made of the tanning process of different forms of animal skins and hides. Handmade leather products are usually adored by all be, its leather bags, leather shoes, wallet, cases or leather coats. Leather quality is an extremely important thing because it guarantees the durability of leather products. People always prefer long durable leather products.

There are a couple of things that impact leather quality. Let us have a look!

The sort of skin — Raw leather generally stems from animals like buffalo, goat or cow and buffalo hide is thicker and stronger than cowhide due to its relative size and strength of fibers. Goat hide is very much used to make leather articles like handmade leather bags. So which sort of skin we’re using for leather is always a mentionable element for leather quality and leather products.

Originate — Leather affecting quality also depends upon the health of the animal. The health of the animal is always affected by the environment in which he was raised. If the climate is great for the creature and he had been raised naturally not with artificial hormones then he’ll produce tighter and more powerful hides. The fantastic environment will reveal in their skins and on the leather. It’s not difficult to spot the gaps in skin qualities which are offered in all of the species. Following are a few things that can impact leather hides quality.

  • Age — The elderly creature’s hide isn’t so good compared to a young creature.
  • Gender — Female hides normally have a wonderful fiber structure.
  • Climate — The climate also affects the leather skin of this creature.

Quality of Rawhide – In the process of making leather from the hide. Hides are scrutinized and separated into ranges according to their number of imperfections
Then the many kinds of leather are made to make leather goods from them.

Procedure of Tannery — Tanning is the process that’s done in order to produce leather. In this process, the hides of animals are treated to create leather. There are two methods of tanning.

  • Chemical process — During this procedure some compound is used to tan the leather. Lots of people don’t like the chemical process of tanning and we also don’t use any sort of chemicals.
  • Natural tanning — During this procedure, the leather is tan naturally. The Sun-Tan procedure is used to tan the leather.

Regardless of which sort of leather product that you are using. If you use a real leather goods, it is going to provide you a wonderful feel. It’ll be durable and also leather merchandise gets deepens with the era. That means you will enjoy your leather products more with time.

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