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Form and Types of Leather (For All Sorts of Gloves)

Form and Types of Leather (For All Sorts of Gloves)

There are plenty of leather types which you can use for creating leather gloves, Certainly it depends upon your needs, designs, and needless to say, on budget. Additionally, the basic kind of leather and how it’s processed/tanned also depends upon its primary use, like Aniline leather doesn’t have its surface covered by coating or those pigments which conceal the original floor and grain of leather. Nubuck is the also a sort of leather where the skin is buffed or sanded on the upper (Grain) side of skin. Even though it has some similarity with Aniline but it’s produced of the upper and surface of skin. It’s more durable and convenient once you prefer durability over appearances.

Suede is also a good example of leather that resembles velvet, and it’s napped finish, Suede and Split will be the under-side of animal skin, or you may state the lower layer of epidermis that’s separated. Split is more difficult than suede, but more durable.

Here we provide you a birds-eye opinion on some popular leather types for making leather Gloves:-

Cowhide: Perhaps it’s most demanding leather type of creating leather gloves due to its gentle appearance, durability, smoothness and relaxation. In general, this type of leather is ideal for durability, looks, but it is not as smooth, and elastic than sheepskin and goatskin.

Goatskin: is also very good alternative for making gloves, it’s more elastic and smooth than cowhide, but less durable. It provides good fitting and personally, we do prefer it for making mechanic’s and similar eyeglasses in goatskin, as it provide excellent flexibility and provides good resistance also.

Sheepskin: is much more smooth and gentle on human skin than cowhide and goatskin. Additionally it is quite flexible but less durable than goatskin and cowhide. Sheep Nappa can be used for special types of gloves in which additional fitting and a high fashion look is necessary.

Deerskin: is an outstanding type of leather, preferred because of all principal qualities which other types of leather has, such as durability, finer grain appearance, smooth and elastic, but less in used because of price factor, largely Asian marketplace import it from Americas as per client’s requirements. Mostly people sell goatskin and even cowhide by tanning and processing them to appear like deerskin and market them as deerskin. So always ask if it’s genuine deerskin and what is its source.

Buffalo hide, is not as comfortable, smooth and even less in its appearance but still it’s widely used if it’s tanned and made properly, People use it as replacement of cowhide to decrease the price, mostly people sell buffalo hide products saying they are made in cowhide.


1- Dogs, Cats and other wild creature leathers which might lead to skin ailments, rashness, and allergies.

2- Never buy leather gloves that are created and tanned from cheap dyes and chemicals which might contain harmful and banned chemicals such as Azo, PcP, Benzedrine, etc These may also damage your skin and make problems like many skin infections and diseases including eczema, allergies etc..

3- Consistently discourage using Nitirile and Latex Gloves since they have poor hygienic because no air passes inside the gloves. Compounds and similar infections develops inside gloves extremely fast. So regular use of these gloves may also lead to problems in the shape of diseases allergies, etc..

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