Indian Leather Tannery

Pull-up cow leather- India leather tannery

Types of Leather- Indian Leather Tannery

The Indian Leather Tannery was founded in 1971 with one goal in mind: to make high-quality leather and leather products accessible to a diverse community of artisans and small businesses. Seeking freedom and opportunity for creativity and self-expression, our high-quality leathers allow them to develop and make unique, detailed, hand-crafted goods. We saw a problem within the leather community— obtaining high-quality leather direct from world-class tanneries in small quantities is challenging. The Tannery Row wants to provide you with great leather to craft a beautiful product. With our leather knowledge, process, and direct relationships with tanneries, we promise to deliver consistent, high-quality leather— every single time.

Metallic Leather

Full Grain Leather

Patent Leather

Suede Leather

Pull- Up Leather

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