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3 Types of Artificial Leather | Indian Leather Tannery

The artificial leather comes in many varieties and is a popular choice for clothing and furniture. Because of its flexibility and fashionable appearance, artificial leather has enjoyed a significant rise in popularity. These are the three most in-demand types.


Pleather refers to a low-cost, versatile material used in the production of artificial leather. Pleather is lighter than real leather and can be made using a variety of plastic materials. PVC and polyurethane are the most popular materials for creating pleather. PVC products are easy to mark and can harden after cleaning. Dry cleaning is recommended. Polyurethane furniture and clothing are much easier to maintain. This type of artificial leather can be dyed in almost any color.


Naugahyde, a vinyl-coated material that looks very similar to real leather, is one example. Although it is most commonly used for furniture covering, this artificial leather can also be used to make waterproof seat covers, clothes, and toys. The leather feels very soft and has an appearance similar to real leather.

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a very common type of artificial leather used in the manufacture of footwear, clothes, and accessories. Vegan leather can be made from a variety of materials. Polyurethane and PVC are the most common choices. Although this fabric is considered to be animal-friendly, it is not the most environmentally friendly.

Artificial leather has many benefits

Artificial leather can be used for many reasons. Artificial leather is significantly cheaper than real leather. Many people prefer not to buy real leather products because it is more friendly to animals. This type of leather can still look real and authentic. It is possible to create variations in the texture, color, and grain during the manufacturing process. This allows for a leather-look very similar to genuine leather. It is also very durable and can withstand abuse from pets and children.

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