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Our vegan leather collection is eco friendly!







Our vegan leather collection is eco friendly!

What makes our vegan leather eco-friendly?

The composition of materials used, the manufacturing process & sustainable nature.
Comprised using new types of eco-friendly materials such as water-based resin and WITHOUT toxic materials like DMF or PVC. Manufactured without organic solvent added together with recycled water & air in control, energy consumption (3 times lower than the traditional PU process) and carbon dioxide emissions (more than 75% less than the conventional PU) are significantly reduced. Sustained with yearly upgraded hydrolysis the durability of the product is increased and therefore reduces wasted resources and speed of discard.

It is made DMF Free, Water-based PU

What is DMF-free water-based PU leather & how does it compare to traditional PU leather?

– This material is an improved non-toxic, eco-friendly & healthy PU leather with top properties.
DMF free water-based PU (polyurethane) “faux” leather is produced with water-based resin and without solvent. Compared to traditional PU leather, DMF-free water-based PU leather can reduce the energy consumption in the production process and can also achieve no exhaust fumes and water waste, so it can fully meet the high requirements of environmental protection. DMF free water-based PU is also with excellent physical properties like hydrolysis resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance & scratch resistance.  

It is easy to care for

What are the care instructions?

-Wipe, hand wash cold & dry flat.
For general care, wipe the surface with clean water or hand wash cold (avoid use of hot water). Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach.
For stain care, apply a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid and dab on stain. Gently wipe with clean water and dry flat.
For reduce wrinkles or to ease a crease, cover the top of the material with a white cloth and iron using a low temperature (under 90˚C/194 F). Do not steam.


Unique fiber is under 0.05 den (which is equal to 1/10 of silk, 1/200 of hair,) and silky. Venus has excellent features of moisture-wicking, sweat siphoning, and soil release. This is very light and extremely soft and looks just like genuine leather also known as "artificial deluxe suede".

Galaxy and Terra

Galaxy and Terra both have a special coating for abrasion and scrape resistance. Unlike PU, it does not easily crack due to the effects of water vapor and moisture because it is anti-hydrolysis. It is also a replacement for PVC.

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